NAHCON commends 2019 Hajj exercise

Amina Mohammed, Makkah


The Chairman National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, Barrister Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammad has commended the efforts of all stakeholders in ensuring a resounding success for the just concluded 2019 Hajj exercise.

This was during the post Arafat meeting held in Makkah.

Barrister Muktar particularly expressed gratitude to the Nigerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Justice Isa Muhammad Dodo, his embassy staff and the Nigerian Console General and his staff for their support, cooperation, assistance and guidance.

The Ag. Chairman review this year’s entire Hajj exercise and chat a course for next year’s outing.

He reviewed the three day Mashaa’air activities in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah decried the way and manner pilgrims of other nations trespassed Nigerian tents with reckless abandon and unchecked.

He lamented the congestion in some tents in Mina, promising that measures would be taken for improvement.

Barrister Mukhtar also commended NAHCON staff, state officials, adhoc staff and officials and the media said the not so envisaged and anticipated various challenges faced this year are eye openers to device means of guarding against their future occurrences.

The Chairman was highly impressed with the outing of the National Medical Team this year, because of their sacrifices, innovations, commitment, perseverance and their unequalled determination to serve the Nigerian pilgrims diligently.

He sadly announced the demise of ten Nigerian pilgrims so far, and therefore condoled with the families, pilgrims, boards and governments of the affected States, praying for the repose of the souls of the departed and for their families, friends, and governments of their state the fortitude to bear the loss.

In another development, the return journey scheduled to start on 17th and said that everything is set for the airlift of pilgrims back home.

Barrister Mukhtar warned that there could impromptu changes in scheduled flights because of the heavy downpour being witnessed in various sections of Nigeria, adding that, there might be diversions or delays, calling on all to bear with the situation when such eventuality occurs.

While urging state officials to have firm control over the conduct of their pilgrims, the Chairman warned against lawlessness, indiscipline and violating the Saudi rules, regulations and guidelines.