National Assembly ready to consider ministerial nominees-Doguwa

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


The Majority leader in the House of Representatives AlHassan Ado Doguwa has refuted allegations that the National Assembly was responsible for preventing the President from presenting his ministerial list for screening.

Doguwa made the statement while addressing newsmen on the lingering speculations and blame on the House by a section of the citizenry on the matter.

He explained that it was unfair for Nigerians to blame the National Assembly on an issue that only the President had constitutional powers on.

“I want to say with all sense of respect to my good people in Nigeria, that the National Assembly does not have any reason what so ever to shy away from our constitutional responsibility.

If by tomorrow or even on the day we are going on our conventional vocation Mr. President decides to bring list of Ministers, I want to say without any fear that the Senate will stay behind to consider his nomination.

We can even call off while on vocation…….I want to believe that even while on vocation if Mr. President or Nigerian people would have any just course for us to reconvene we can reconvene not even on working days even on Saturday or Sunday.”Doguwa stressed.

On Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s open letter to the President alleging the inability of the government to handle lingering insecurity, the House Leader advised the former President to be objective in presenting his cases.

He emphasized that “it was unwise for the former president to be making some utterances and write ups that could trigger violence and hatred among Nigerians.

I see this kind of letter as a share attempt to not only challenge but an affront to constituted authorities.”