National Association of Seadogs marks world Aids day

By Emeka Onwuasonya


As the world marks world Aids day, the National Association of Seadogs commemorated the event with a public lecture and awareness campaign that took place at Blue Ocean hotel Igando, Lagos, South west Nigeria.

The public lecture which had as its theme “Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic community by community” had members of the association in attendance.

The location of the event was picked for its high patronage by commercial sex workers. The association reached out to them in its campaign but they however refused to be photographed because of the societal stigma attached to their trade.

Speaking at the event Pharm. Asuquo Nya, a public health pharmacist and health officer, admonished the commercial sex workers on the need to protect themselves more as they are exposed to multi-sexual partners.

“Commercial sex workers are at a great risk of contracting HIV due to their exposure to many sexual partners and the need to protect themselves cannot be overemphasized” he said.

During the event, HIV/AIDS screening was carried out for those in attendance who were bold to show up for the test.

Twenty commercial sex workers and twenty eight other members of the public were screened and none was positive.

Condoms were distributed freely to the public as part of the preventive drive of the campaign.

Emmanuel Ukoh