National Open university enrollment to hit 1 million in five years

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja


The National Open University of Nigeria NOUN, says the enrollment of students in the university will hit one million in the next four years.

The Chairman Governing Council of the university, Professor Peter Okebukola,  made this known to journalists while speaking on the development of open distance learning in the country.

Professor Okebukola also said the management of the university is presently modifying delivery strategies on five programs recently identified as its best and it intends to position them as the best academic programmes in Africa.

He hinted that President Muhammadu Buhari’s assertion to revive the laws that would enable students of NOUN to partake of the National Youth Service Corps would contribute to the increase in enrollment of students of  the university.

“the major things behind the thriving of the open university is that we have the President asserting to revive the law which allows graduates to go for NYSC. Secondly, graduates of NOUN are now also hopeful about the law school.That has rekindled the interest of the student”.

Professor Okebukola said the university is currently improving the quality of delivery, as well as bridge the gap between open distance learning and conventional universities.

“we are trying to narrow the gap between what they get in the face to face and what they get from our own university ,  so the Students are now getting more interested”

The Chairman of NOUN Governing council further disclosed that presently the enrolment of the National Open University in Nigeria is 520 and would increase to one million in the next four to five years without loosing quality.

“while the enrollment of NOUN is about 520 thousand now, I told the former minister that in another four  to five  years our will hit a million but with quality.

Professor Okebukola added that the management of the university is presently modifying delivery strategies on five programs recently identified as its best and intends to position them as the best programmes in Africa.

“We identified five programs that we want them to be the number one in Africa , so we are modifying and fine tuning the delivery strategies to make that happen “Prof Okebukola said.

Speaking on the anti-corruption fight of President Buhari, Professor Okebukola applauded the President’s fight against corruption saying the corruption has reduced significantly in Nigeria.

“I think we have enough resources in this country Nigeria , not to let us look anywhere else, but where do we have it? Where do we have our resources? where do we have our funds? we have them in Dubai, all over the places stolen by some individuals, I’m glad about the president’s anti-corruption agenda is reducing significantly the issues of corruption in the country, we need it to be reduced to the minimum so that money can be retained in Nigeria and we don’t have to go and beg any organization or even look upto development partners for everything”.

Ime Njoku