Marine Park to be established in Bayelsa

Mazino Dickson


Alhaji Ibrahim Goni, the Conservator-General, National Park Service says the service is working toward the establishment of a Marine park in Bayelsa State to protect aquatic species.

Goni disclosed this in Abuja on the occasion of the World Wildlife Day.

“Marine parks protected areas are protected areas of sea, oceans, estuaries or large lakes where human activities are restricted for conservation purposes.

“It’s not only human activities in the marine environment that affect life in the sea but also the things we do on land.

“The marine park will ensure that oceans and marine species are preserved and protected.’’

Goni, however, said that marine pollution remained a major problem that threatens life in the sea at all levels.

“Our oceans have long been used as dumping ground for all sorts of waste including sewage, industrial run-off and chemicals.

“The pollution also ranges from oil spills to pollutants from our communities which flow to the sea through flood during raining seasons.

“All marine pollutions have the potential to seriously damage marine habitats and life in the sea,’’ he said.


He said that the service was working with stakeholders to conserve wildlife generally across the country.

“We are partnering with Wildlife Conservation Society, Nigeria Conservation Foundation, Institute of Ecology and Evironmental Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science.

“Also Africa Nature Investors, National Environmental Standard Regulatory Enforcement Agency etc for research, biodiversity, wildlife disease surveillance, park protection, ecotourism and infrastructural development.

Alhaji Ibrahim Goni, the Conservator-General, National Park Service said that World Wildlife Day had become an important global annual event dedicated to wildlife.

According to him, World Wildlife Day raises awareness on the importance of wild animals and plants and how they could be preserved for future generations.