NEMA urged to use new media for information dissemination


Dr Hany El-Banna, the President, Humanitarian Forum, UK has urged the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to create an effective website to disseminate important information to  educate people on climate change.

El-Banna made the call in Abuja.

He said that the objective of NEMA was to coordinate resources toward efficient and effective disaster prevention, preparedness, mitigation and response in the country.

“Through the website people will know the activities of NEMA and what it is doing to ensure that disaster is being prevented.

“The essence of having workshops, seminars and other educating gatherings is for us to get ideas and knowledge from the experts and use the ideas in our various organisations.

“With the website, it will help the organisations to grow greatly in knowledge as well as acquiring more ideas that will bring development to the nation.

“So the website should be a continuous thing that can always give people information on the mandates and objectives of NEMA.

“The website will also help people to know that the agency is actually working toward achieving it mandates,’’ he said.

El-Banna said that Nigeria needed to be united for greater key to success, adding that climate change activities required effective collaboration from every citizen in the country.

Climate change is a long time process and a serious issue, climate change can occur for many reasons, although sometimes it is caused by manmade activities which can as well lead to disaster.

Climate change may take sometimes to be effectively address but it can only be possible if we become united and create a platform that can take urgent action in combating climate change and its impacts in the country.

“It is only when we become united that the collaboration with federal, state, local governments and relevant organisations can be effective.

“The collaboration will as well create an opportunity for experts from various states to have strong workshop that will bring about meaningful discussions and ideals that can address the threat,’’ he said.