Nephrologist advises on healthy living to avoid kidney related disease


A Nephrologist in Garki Hospital, Dr Adelaja Michael, has advised the public to maintain healthy life style to avoid kidney related diseases.

Adelaja gave the advice on Wednesday in Abuja in an interview with the press as part of the Awareness Campaign against Kidney disease organised by Garki Hospital.

He said that there were certain lifestyles that could predispose people to kidney related problems if such lifestyles were not checked.

“There are certain lifestyles that are actually linked to kidney disease, such as eating indiscriminately, causing obesity, at risk of developing kidney disease.

“Excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, bleaching creams, herbal concoction for strength or treatment of one’s illness actually affects function of the kidney.

Cigarette smoking can cause some problems within the blood vessels, which can lead to hypertension,” he said.

The nephrologist added that kidney disease cuts across all age groups.

However, he said adults and middle age people were at higher risk considering their lifestyles.

According to him, though the causes of kidney problem differs from across the globe, he stated that uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, infections, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, as well severe malaria could sometimes cause kidney problems.

The expert, however, enjoined people to seek medical check-up once or twice a year to enable them know their health status.

“People should at least go for proper medical check-up once or twice a year, not until they are really down before they go to the hospital.

Once in six months is very okay for patients who are not at risk, while patients at higher risk of kidney disease should consult a doctor once in three months,’’ he said.

This week, a kidney awareness campaign was conducted by Garki hospital and free kidney screening.