Former BBNaija star, Alex, says she was suicidal in 2019


Former Big Brother Naija housemate Alex Asogwa, better known as ‘Alex Unusual’ is taking a bold step in speaking out about her d`eepest secrets and battles in 2019.

In celebration of the new year, the reality TV star revealed that she indeed thought of taking her life at different times in the past year.

“At some point, I had a lot going on, I got suicidal, the bad part about it was that I told no one. I only ran away. Thanks to God, I realized that wasn’t and will never be an option,” she shares, before going ahead to encourage her fans to always seek help and never consider self-harm as an option.

The actress and dancer also revealed how she became broke despite the ‘success’ she has enjoyed since leaving the BBNaija house in 2018. She describes the situation as one of the most challenging times of the past year.

“At another point, something terrible happened and I was down to 16 thousand naira only. I thought my life was over but guess what, I survived, I never thought less of myself or took a wrong route to come out if it. I never accepted less, and I moved forward.”

The Enugu State native further shared her struggle with finding love, and how she eventually found the strength and courage to pull through a very trying year.

“I found love 3 times and lost it 3 times then I locked it up and threw the key away,” she says, adding “My vow to protect my happiness was one of my best decisions and it saved me.”

Alex’s no-holds-barred confessions will be featured on Africa Magic’s Confessions which shows 06:00 pm on Mondays.


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