NGIJ rates Kogi government high on security and infrastructure

Elizabeth Christopher


The Nigeria Guild of Investigative Journalist (NGIJ) says the Governor Yahaya Bello’s Administration in Kogi State North Central Nigeria has tackled security, revamped the agriculture sector, improved on health care services delivery and provided infrastructure in schools.

The Guild in its 2019 Democracy and Governance Assessment report on Kogi State, said inferences from its ten thousand questionnaires formed the basis for its conclusions.

According to the President of the Association Mr. Wale Abideen, twelve of the Guild’s investigators were in the three Senatorial Districts of the State for one month to carry out their investigations.

“The NGIJ’s tour to Kogi State was aimed at getting firsthand information about the real situation on ground. Our members physically visited the three Senatorial Districts of the State and they interacted with critical stakeholders including labour unions, top government functionaries, traditional rulers, security agencies, market women and men, artisans, civil servants, political parties and the general residents.

“To that end, we also administered over 10,000 questionnaires across the 21 Local Government Areas of the State in other to extend the scope of and deepen our assessments. However, we must emphasize that this investigative effort is by no means exhaustive”, he explained

Presenting the report, the Chairman, Board of Trustees NGIJ, Mr. Segun Abifari said the assessment was in the area of infrastructure, security, education, healthcare, financial prudency, workers’ welfare, job creation, Agriculture, social welfare, and sport.

According to him, the questionnaires  gave respondents opportunity to pick any of five available answer on policies, programmes and achievements of the administration.

“After the collation of completed questionnaires, 9224 questionnaires representing 92.24 percent were returned while 7.76% were not submitted to our team for different reasons. Therefore 9,224 responses were used  to assess the impact of Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration in Kogi State from January till date”, he disclosed.

Analysis of the data gathered revealed that the respondent choose from strongly agree, Agree, strongly disagree, disagree and I don’t know.

Asked if the present administration in Kogi State has improved infrastructure development tremendously, 34.7% of respondents strongly  agreed, 22.7% Agreed,10.8% disagree while 16.6% said they don’t know.

On tackling security challenges, 34.7 strongly agreed that the administration has tackled security, 30.4% agreed, 13.6% strongly disagree, 1.2% disagree and 0.2% responded that they don’t know

The NGIJ asked respondent if the administration introduced policies to improve quality of education in the State, 31.7% strongly agreed, 32.6% agreed, 6.5% strongly disagreed, 13.5% disagreed while 15.7% said they don’t  know.

On healthcare 52% strongly agreed that it’s been improved, 22%22% agreed, 9% strongly disagree, 12% disagree while 5% responded that they don’t know.

However, when asked if the administration has been sensitive to welfare of civil servants in the State, 10.7% strongly agreed, 18.1% agreed, 24.3% strongly disagree, 46.5% Disagreed while 0.3% said  they don’t know.

The overall findings of the assessment revealed that the administration has improved in financial prudency, increased revenue generation, job creation, water and rural electrification.

On the other hand, issues of workers’  salaries and pension arrears downplayed the government’s  achievement in other sectors.

According to the Nigeria Guild of Investigative Journalist (NGIJ),  the ultimate goal of this Governance Assessment Report is not to pass judgment or rate Governor Yahaya Bello administration but strictly to assess the development in the State, engender the culture of public accountability and promote good governance.