NGO makes case for Cancer patients

Hudu Yakubu


A Non-Governmental Organisation in Nigeria, Sisters of Jannah has called on the government and other relevant statehokders in the health sector to put in place structures that would enable every woman have access to free screening of breast cancer.


Sisters of  Jannah is a charity and non profit making organisation that focuses on the Islamic values of fairness, service to others and community building.


While briefing journalists on the activities of the organization in Abuja, Nigeria, the National President of the organisation, Hajiya Ramatu Aliyu said the organisation has cancer awareness centers in almost thirty of its zone in Nigeria.


” Recently we lost a member who had stage four cancer and we raised money for her to go to the hospital and had operation but instead she went to the village to have a local treatment and we lost her.


Currently we have a member in Osun state, we also raise money for her and she had already had a surgery but the wound are not yet cured if we are not careful we will lose her”.


Also we had a case in Illorin that we have to visit her during sallah. She dictated the lump early but because of the type of hospital we have”, she said.


Mrs Aliyu called on well-meaning Nigerians and other NGOs to come together and work assiduously to put an end to the menace of cancer in women and help the women over come the challenges of getting the necessary medical assistance so that they can survive.

The President added that the organization came into existence in 2016 as a result of the urgent need to bring to the doors steps of the needy especially in the area of medical assistance, education and empowerment.


She said since it inception, it has been working passionately on the eradication of poverty, impacting knowledge on women, visiting orphanages and paying their school fees across the country.


She said it is hope that the summit will bring to the individual consciousness of what cancer is all about and to also promote a healthy living for all.




  1. I am a social worker.. with bsc in social work from University of ibadan I will be glad if am employed in this organization.. jazakulkarin

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