NGO mentors youths on leadership roles

Jamila Nalaraba, Kaduna


A non Governmental Organization, the Mentoring and Leadership Initiative has drawn youths from across Kaduna State to mentor them on leadership roles in the future.

While speaking to newsmen at a monthly  meeting held in Kaduna, the Chairperson of the Initiative, Florence Ayah said women and youths can become great leaders if properly mentored.

Mrs Florence, who was a former member of the Kaduna State Assembly explained that the initiative was formed by like minds to mentor youths and women on leadership roles in politics.

“Some of us who have been in leadership positions have come together to mentor young er people for political participation and leadership roles which is an opportunity we never had back then, hence the need to invite speakers to talk on different  topics to our members in order to be motivated  through listening to them,” she said.

Activities of NGO
The Chairperson mentioned that they also go on advocacy to various organisations including the media whereby they intimate them on the activities of the NGO which has yielded positive results.

“Some of our members participated in the 2019 elections  and one of the won the Kaduna State Assembly seat from Sanga Local Government Area. We have about 13 people who did not make it to various positions they contested for but we have been speaking to the state government to give them some Appointments  in the government,” she explained.

Also speaking, the immediate past Deputy Speaker, Kaduna State Assembly, Nuhu Shadalafiya, who was invited to speak on how to handle difficult conversations, gave hints on how to go about the said topic.

Nuhu said all leaders have difficult conversation at some point in time, as it may never be easy but there are easy ways to make those conversations both productive and as painless as possible.

“These ways could be direct, specific, planning, choice of language, managing emotions, empathy as well as giving room for questions and answers, offering solutions to the questions while giving them hope that there is light ahead,” Nuhu said.

He said that every person must control his emotions so that the citizens can understand what the leader is supposed to do.

He urged the upcoming politicians and potential leaders to be very committed to their work.


Confidence Okwuchi