NGO takes COVID-19 campaign to Lagos markets

By Lanre Lagada-Abayomi

Blossom Africa Initiative team sensitising people in Lagos markets.

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Blossom Africa Initiative (BAI) has taken COVID-19 awareness campaign to markets in Lagos State, to enlighten them on how to curb its spread.

The President of the organisation, Mr Temitope Musowo told Newsmen that; ”the Blossom Africa Initiative is about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this is about goal 3 which talks about health and well-being of people. So at this critical time, we have to join hands with the government to create awareness on the deadly disease called Coronavirus. 

“We cannot leave this to the government alone, we all must rise up to the occasion, this is a global pandemic and everyone should be involved in curbing further spread, this thing is not a joke and we need to approach it with all sense of urgency and seriousness.”

The President of the NGO advised the government that the sit-at-home measure directed by government to curb further spread of the pandemic coronavirus can only be effective with a welfare package for the people.

“Government needs to look beyond this elitist policy and backed up its directive with palliative measures or welfare package to make it easy for people to stay at home, not only that…Also the government needs to ensure there is stable electricity supply, availability of water and other basic needs.

”We even need to consider how save it is for a family of seven or more living in one room to sit at home, we also have to consider that widow who goes to motor parks every day to  sell ‘gala’ and soft drinks to feed her children, that road side mechanics who must go out daily to work and feed his family,” Musowo said.

The Chairman, Board of Trustees (BoT), Mile 12 Market, Alhaji Dandama Yabo who received Blossom Africa Initiative thanked the team for the sensitisation programme and items distributed.

“We have been receiving different organisations who have been coming here to enlighten us and we have been complying with government’s instructions, you can see our hand washing materials across the market, now that you told us about social distancing, we will also comply,” Dandama promised.


Mercy Chukwudiebere