N’Golo Kante attends fan’s daughter’s wedding


If there is award for the nicest guy in football then N’Golo Kante would be right up in the list. He is known for his humility as well as his footballing skills. Kante is one of the best (if not the best) defensive midfielders in the world where his main job is to break up opposition attacks. His prowess on the field has landed him a World Cup medal with France and two Premier League championship medals with Leicester and Chelsea respectively.

However, off the field Kante has developed a reputation of being extremely humble and he again proved the notion correct over the weekend.

Kante recently made an appearance at the wedding of Chelsea fan Frank Khalid’s daughter. Khalid’s daughter Henna was getting married to Raheel Malik and he invited Kante to the wedding. Kante had to decline the invitation due to football-related commitments with Chelsea and the France.

However, he picked up an injury before Chelsea’s match against Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge. This led to Kante accepting Khalid’s invite and he promptly attended his daughter’s wedding.
Khalid put up several photos on social media, showing Kante at the wedding and mingling with other guests.

We became friends when I was introduced to him by a friend and he came to my restaurant,” Frank told The Sun of his relationship with Kante.

“I invited him and originally he couldn’t attend because of his commitment to the French national team, but because of his injury, he messaged me saying he was coming.

“My family and myself are very close to N’Golo and he was one of the first people to visit me when I had my triple bypass surgery operation in April 2018.

“He stayed till the end and was so nice to everyone and signed autographs and took selfies with the guests.”