NHIS to cover cancer treatment soon- Official

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

Facilitators of the National Health Insurance Scheme says the government is working towards the inclusion of cancer treatments in the scheme.
Officials of the Manage Health Care Services MHS, Dr Onyinye Nnamdi and Mr Robert Ukeje made this known in abuja during an health talk given to the members of Staff of Voice of Nigeria in Abuja.
Dr Onyinye also made known that teatment of illness such as the HIV is now covered under the NHIS ,she added that treatment like dialysis is equally covered to some extent.
Cancer treatment generally like chemotherapy and other things that has to do with cancer is not presently covered by the scheme because it is expensive but I heard that they are working on the means of actually bringing it into the health insurance scheme”, she said.
On his part, Mr Robert Ukeje called for more funding and increased political will from the Federal government ,so as to provide better health care services for Nigerians.
The whole idea of the scheme is alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians and provide for the vulnerable because they are the one really in need of the scheme, but there is a problem with cost ,insurance all over the world is nurtured, access to good and quality health services is no cheap so we need to understand that the government policy should improve the will of the government and there is need to  improve funding of health” he said.
Ukeje also said their Health Insurance Company, Management Health Services, provides palliative to it enrollees to reduce the cost of health provisions.
The manage health officer called for more awareness on the path of benefitting organisations for their staff, ,he said feed back mechanism is key to the sucess of the scheme.
Bringing servicom here to make people understand there is a feedback mechanism is key, if an individual or the relative is not being treated well, they have a right to report the officer in charge and get appropriate sanctions,so it is a general mindset that we need to help the scheme work better” he added.
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