Niger adopts wire-tapping legislation to curb terrorism


Niger’s parliament on Friday adopted a legislation authorising wire-tapping as a means of curbing ‘terrorism and transnational criminality’.

The law allows research of information which notably threatens state security or prevent the fight against terrorism and organised transnational crime.

Meanwhile, Opposition has raised privacy concerns that it undermines the country’s constitution which holds that “secrecy of correspondence and of communications is inviolable”.

The Minister overseeing relations with institutions, Barkai Issouf, however, said that “this law is not a threat to liberty. It is indispensable and emanates from the government’s wish to secure our people”.

He added that “this law will allow surveillance of all Nigeriens, as well as all those who live in Niger under the false pretexts of maintaining security and fighting “terrorism”


Olawunmi Sadiq