Niger State Governor joins pilgrims to pray for Nigeria

By Abdul Mohammed Isa, Niger State

The Niger State Governor, Abubakar Bello

Intending Pilgrims from Niger State have been urged to pray fervently against the increasing wave of insecurity, peaceful co-existence and economic prosperity of Nigeria.

Governor Abubakar Bello gave the advice before he departed to Saudi Arabia with the last batch of intending Pilgrims from Niger State.

Governor Bello addressing his people before he departed to Saudi Arabia.

He assured the Intending Pilgrims that they would be properly taken care off with three square meals while in Saudi Arabia.

“Niger State Government has established a standard clinic to cater for its pilgrims while in the Holy Land,” Governor Bello stated.

The Governor said he was travelling to perform the Hajj exercise with the Pilgrims from Niger, to really ascertain their challenges and identify possible ways of improving on the exercise.

Governor Bello said; “Since I became Governor in 2015, I have never travelled with the pilgrims. I want to know how they feel and how  they are treated. I have received reports in the past from different Hajj committees but I decided this time, to go with  them and see things so that if there are areas that need improvement, we will address them before subsequent trips.”

The State Amirul Hajj, Inuwa Kuta advised the officials of the Pilgrims welfare Board to include Pilgrims during the Hajj Operations, saying state government has improved their allowances.

About 3,273 intending Pilgrims, including officials from Niger State are joining other pilgrims world wide to perform the 2019 Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia.

Mercy Chukwudiebere