Nigeria can become a great country- Governor Bagudu

Timothy Choji, Abuja


Kebbi State Governor, Abubakar Bagudu Atiku says with the potentials at its disposal, Nigeria can become a great nation.

He made the declaration in an interview with Journalists in Abuja on Tuesday.

The Governor, who was addressing State House Correspondents, on the botched call for revolution by a group, noted that the call was unnecessary.

He said the country has depended so much on oil, adding that if Nigeria’s natural resources are well tapped, well tapped, the country’s economy would thrive.

“We have the wherewithal to be among the first five countries in the world in the production of many commodities; sugarcane, corn, soya beans, millet, so on and so forth, cassava; we are already number one in its production but we are still importing starch. However, if we just focus on these crops, Nigeria can achieve between $200-300 billion federal budget or even a trillion naira GDP and that will create employment and prosperity and reduce conflicts as well as make Nigeria a great nation. So why won’t we aim to be at that level?” he queried.

Governor Atiku Bagudu said state governments should key into President Muhammadu Buhari’s call for diversification, to boost their internally generated revenue.

“Every State in Nigeria has something that is marketed globally and if well tapped, can boost their economies and that is what President Buhari is doing, recognizing that ‘let us use what we have to develop ourselves.’

“State governments must do more in the area of utilizing the large deposits of the mineral resources they have.

So, it’s important we contextualize our frustration and our economic population is growing in spite of all the achievement, we remain a smaller economy than we wish to be. Rather than getting angry, is to embrace the measures that are being put in place to reposition the economy so that we will take our place of pride among comity of nation.

It is very impressive that we have recovered from recession that companies are coming into Nigeria and are investing, new factories are coming up, maybe not quick enough for those who are feeling angry but in a global world we are competing with other countries. If we give the impression that we are angry with each other that will even scare investors. It’s for people to appreciate that yes there have been challenge but for the credibility of Mr President, the track records of the last four years is giving confidence, he said.

According to the Kebbi State Governor, Nigerians should forget about their differences and think about the country first in all they do and contribute their quota towards nation building.