Nigeria considers use of methanol fuel technology

By Chioma Eche

Nigeria's Minister of Science and Technology, Dr.  Ogbonnaya Onu

Nigeria is considering the utilisation of methanol fuel technology to generate electricity and expand the chemical industry.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr.  Ogbonnaya Onu disclosed this while inaugurating the Technical Committee on Methanol Fuel Technology Implementation programme in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Dr. Onu said that ”the adoption of Methanol would revitalise the country’s weak industrial base as many chemicals would be produced by industries through its exploitation.”

”Methanol fuel is now widely used in most parts of the world and it is high time Nigeria join the trail considering our abundant natural gas resources that is being flared wastefully,”the Minister stated.

Reducing cost of fuel
According to Dr Onu, methanol is cheaper and is more environmentally friendly and it will eventually reduce the cost of fuel in the country.

He said 25% of natural gas that is being flared in the country posed health risk and affect negatively the social life of the people who live close to the site of crude oil production.

“This gas can be harvested and converted into methanol for industrial used as well as fuel production…It will boost power supply, create wealth and employment opportunities in the country,” he stressed.

Wide consultation
Dr. Onu challenged members of the committee to hold wide consultation with relevant stakeholders within and outside the country and come up with workable blueprint for methanol programme implementation.

The Chairman of the committee and Director of Environmental Sciences and Technology department, Peter Ekweozo said that the committee would work to ensure the diversification of the economy through the use of methanol.

He added that methanol chain value implementation was the path to Nigeria’s economic revival.


Mercy Chukwudiebere