Nigeria demands more employment of citizens in Shelter-Afrique

Golfa Francis, Abuja


Nigeria has urged Shelter-Afrique to employ more of its citizens to serve at the institution in view of its contribution to the organisation.

The Minister of State for Works and Housing, Abubakar Aliyu made the request during a courtesy visit to the Ministry’s office in Abuja by the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Shelter-Afrique, Andrew Chimphondah and his team.

“The number of Nigerian personnel currently in the staff list of Shelter-Afrique was minute considering the country’s immense contribution to the financial activities of the institute,” Aliyu stated.

He pointed out that the provision of twenty-one million US Dollar by the Institution to deliver affordable houses in Nigeria was a commendable gesture to reducing the current housing deficit in Nigeria.

Increase Loans
The Minister, however, urged Shelter-Afrique to increase loans to interested mortgage Institutions in Nigerian in order to meet the need for the provision of more houses to Nigeria’s teeming population.

He assured Shelter-Afrique that Nigeria would meet up with its outstanding financial obligations to Shelter-Afrique in order to deliver innovative and sustainable housing delivery system in Africa.

Earlier, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Shelter-Afrique, Andrew Chimphondah explained that Shelter-Afrique was a pan African finance institution exclusively supporting the development of housing and real estate in Africa.

“Nigeria was considered as a country endowed with large population where the project finance, institutional lending, equity finance and social housing thrive successfully, which informed the need to make the institution active in its market,” he said.

Mr Chimphondah stated that the institution was focusing on the introduction of a new strategic plan primarily based on Public Private Partnership in the delivery of affordable houses to member countries.

He also raised the issue on the payment of Nigeria’s outstanding financial obligation to Shelter- Afrique to facilitate its operations.


Confidence Okwuchi