Nigeria, Indonesia to strengthen bilateral relations

Zubairu Mohammed, Abuja


The Republic of Indonesia has expressed its readiness to strengthen bilateral relations with Nigeria and other African countries in the areas of Economy, Security, Democracy, Education and cultural exchange.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Usra Hadera Harahap, made this known at an event to commemorate the 74th Indonesian Independence Anniversary, in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Dr. Harahap said that Nigeria remains an important economic partner to Indonesia.

He noted: “Nigeria is Indonesia’s largest trading partner in the African region, with total bilateral trade between the two countries grew up to two point nine billion US Dollars in 2018, compared to the previous year, which was one point six US Dollars.”

“Indonesian businesses also increased, in Africa with a total of thirty companies investing in Africa, sixteen of which are in Nigeria,” he stated.

“This year Indonesia is targeting economic growth between five point two percent and five point three percent, the Indonesia government expects to increase the level of ease of doing business from forty percent in 2018 to seventy three percent in 2019, these will make Indonesia as one of the best destinations for trade and investment in the world,” the envoy added.

The Ambassador added that, the economic relation between Indonesia and African countries has grown significantly to the next level and urged its partners to maintain the momentum for socio economic development in the region.

In the Areas of Security, Technology and cultural exchange, the Envoy said: “Indonesia through its international fora is always active in tackling security challenges in Africa and around the world.”

Indonesia one of the Asian countries struggled and gained its independence from Japan in August, 1945.