Nigeria launches 2018 National Personnel Audit

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja


The Nigerian goverment has launched the 2018 National Personnel Audit Report.

Contained in the report is the new data on the numbers of Out of School Children in Nigeria which is now 10.1million, indicating a drop from the 10.5million figure earlier released by UNESCO.

The 2018 NPA report also stated that a total number of 27,889,387 pupils were enrolled both in private and public schools across the country in the Year 2018.

The report made known that a total number of 113,450 Primary schools presently exist across the country with the South-western region of the country recording 27 percent of the figure.

The Personnel Audit also revealed that only 7 percent of children attending basic schools across the nation benefits from the use of furniture satisfactorily.

Launching the NPA 2018, the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu , called on State goverments to take necessary actions to improve access to basic education across the country.

Adamu noted that the document is not perfect ,saying there are gaps to fill in future data gathering.

He acknowledged the input of Grid 3 and the International development partners saying without their supports it would remain difficult for Nigeria to present data for the education sector.

He disclosed that the Universal Basic Education Commission has recieved the sum of N173, 121 513 633.98k from the federal government as matching grants and disbursed over N153b to States.

“UBEC also released to States the sum of N34,431470 to address teacher development Programmes.”

The Executive Secretary of the Universal Basic Education Commission, Dr Hamid Bobboyi says the conduct of the 2018 NPA involved not only public schools but also private and faith  based institutions.

“Despite initial suspicions, most of these institutions came to embrace the exercise as a success.”

Bobboyi stressed that Nigeria needed basic education data for planning and effective management of the sub sector.

He added that through the 2018: National Personal Audit, UBEC has been able to acquire the Global Position System GPS coordinates of all schools in the country covered by the census.

According to him, ” the Geo spatial data generated has proven useful in building a geographic information system to support School Mapping.

“The National Personnel Audit was an exercise that brought together all the key stakeholders at the different levels of government and from different agencies including the private sector, to make the project a reality,” Bobboyi added.

Meanwhile,Oyo State recorded 29,795 qualified teachers, Benue 21,105, Ekiti State 12,222 , Edo 12,484 and Osun States 17, 102.