Nigerian media urged to promote poverty alleviation programmes


Media Organizations in Nigeria have been called upon to create and connect programmes and platforms where issues on poverty and gender equality would be addressed.

The Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria, Mrs Ene Obi, stated this while on courtesy visit to Voice of Nigeria, Abuja, as part of its twentieth anniversary celebration activities.

Mrs Obi, revealed that women, youths and children living with disabilities are the main focus of the anti-poverty campaign of the agency and need the support of Nigerians as well as media Organisations who have the machinery to re-energize the fight against corruption.

“We believe that if our resources are used for Nigerians then more Nigerians would be under the poverty line. With this we do contextual analysis, when are longing at the state of a girl child in the north, we cannot look the state of the girl child in East, for example this so because it is the boy child that is endangered.

“And so different context, we work with women, women are our main focused. Is not that they are our total focused but are major because they are most vulnerable, with children, the youth and people with disabilities, in trying to make sure we give them a voice, which the media is a great machinery towards achieving this goal,” she said

Mrs Obi explained that, “In Nigeria, the organization is one of the first to bring about public finance analysis which started with budget tracking engaging with the national planning commission and are introducing it to the civil society in other to build capacity, it also has programmes on anti-corruption which promote transparency, accountability and resilience. Corruption in government is a tall order but we can improve the machinery put on ground to tackle corruption like ICPC, EFCC.

“The investment in human capital ensured the betterment of the people in government today; therefore, we need to connect with those Nigerians and I know there so many Nigerians, one of the most impediment to corruption is corruption itself. So for us now is reconnecting, and say we need to reclaim Nigeria, to live the stage better than we met it, if not we are a failed generation. Corruption is one of the thing that left us where we are today, and ActionAid, believes that if the resources of Nigeria are used, Nigeria will be great, and because we are blessed with human materials, and every resources that you can get is one of the best in the world.

The biggest office in the land is the office of the people, self-realization is therefore essential. On the issue of representation of women, she said that women are the key to the organization as they are the most vulnerable. The organization has programmes in 12 states working on encouraging women to be involved in politics.

Responding, The Director General Voice of Nigeria, Mr Osita Okechukwu, reiterated Voice of Nigeria’s commitment to creating a platform for the eradication of poverty in the country. We will continue to provide the platform to let the world know what ActionAids is doing in Nigeria. That’s what have being doing for our country Nigeria, as our mandate. Our job is to tell the World that it is not as bad as they think, and that what a group like ActionAid is trying to close the gap between the rich and the poor is patriotic duty, also engaging the youth trying to create one of the platforms of getting out poverty is education. He said

ActionAid is a global justice federation of 45 country offices that works with communities, often via local partner organizations on a range of developmental issues