Nigerian Medical Association commends Patient’s Bill of Rights launching

Gloria Essien, Abuja


The Nigerian government has been commended for launching the first Patients’ Bill of Rights to protect the vulnerable people.

The National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Medical Association, NBA, made the commendation, saying that it will support the implementation of the Bill.

Managing fund
At a Press Conference in Abuja, the President of NMA, Dr. Francis Faduyile said there was need for government at all levels to ensure that various funds voted to finance the Primary Health Care in Nigeria were judiciously managed especially, from the app gladiators, roved and appropriated Consolidated Revenue Fund in National Health Act.

Dr. Faduyile also urged the government to take appropriate steps to improve infrastructure, social amenities and the economy.

Health sector
He also decried the brain drain in the health sector.

The improvement of salaries of health professionals and improved welfare conditions for all healthcare workers’ in Nigeria as compared with those in America, Europe and Canada. These are the major factors that will mitigate against the on-going brain drain in the Nigeria’s health sector and enhance retention of our health personnel, he said.

Doctors stamp
The NMA president noted that NEC reaffirmed its resolution on the use of Doctors’ stamp as an anti-quackery measure and appealed to the public to insist on Doctors’ stamp on their medical reports.

Dr. Faduyile also appealed to the Nigerian government to reconstitute the board of the Council of Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria for smooth operations in the sector.

“The Committee also directed the National Officers’ Committee (NOC) to approach the court of law to seek for the interpretation of the statement; ‘the Council shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession’ as clearly stated in the Medical and Dental Practitioners Act Cap (MDCN)  M8. The NOC is further directed to take all necessary actions to ensure that government set up the MDCN council on or before the 30th September, 2018, being 10 weeks after the declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari that it shall be constituted soon.

”The NEC appealed to all politicians to play politics without rancor and bitterness. It is also admonished the Law enforcement agents to demonstrate unambiguous loyalty to the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he explained.

The NMA president also affirmed that the association was committed to organising the 2nd National Health Summit in the first quarter of 2019.

On the recent rancor between the Police and General Hospital, Garki, the National Executive Committee strongly condemned the action of the Police Force in the criminalisation of Doctors that attended to the late Miss Angela Igwetu. She was a National Youth Service Corp member allegedly shot dead on the 4th July, 2018 by Inspector Benjamin Peter in Abuja.

Dr. Faduyile appealed to political gladiators to reduce the overtly provocative statements     that could heat up the polity and degenerate into conflicts as 2019 General Elections approach.


Mercy Chukwudiebere