Nigeria ready to host World Tourism Conference

By Hudu Yakubu, Abuja


Nigerian government says, it is fully prepared to host the one hundred and eighty foreign delegates from every part of the world, twenty-six Africa minister of tourism and the entire United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation, UNWTO Conference in Abuja, Nigeria from 4th to 6th June 2018.

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed gave the assurance during the inspection of facilities and the event venue in Abuja.

The UNWTO Confederation of Africa Conference has the theme “Tourism as Catalyst for Development “.

The Minister who was satisfied with the arrangement on ground also said that, they will use the opportunity to tell the participating countries that Nigeria is not just peace but ready to host the entire world.

” I am satisfied, I want to take this opportunity to thank the committee and the various Sub-committee that have been responsible for this arrangement. We have been working closely with the management of transcorp for the last two and half months, so what we came to do today is just to ascertain that everything is in place and to adjust where necessary and you can see that we have made some adjustments because we look at how practical some of the arrangement are but overall we are very satisfied”, Lai revealed.

He said the conference would serve as an opportunity to showcase the rich cultural diversity in the country.

“We are expecting about one hundred and eighty foreign delegates, already twenty -six minister from Africa countries have signified their intentions to come, some of them have arrived, while others will be arriving today and tomorrow,”Alhaji Lai hinted.

Alhaji Mohammed further assured the delegates and participants that Nigeria was safe and ever ready to host the conference.

“Nigeria stand to gain alot during this conference. Number one is a global platform for you to tell the whole world your story. And what story are you telling, we are telling the world the story that in the past couple of years, Nigeria has been on bent, we made tremendous progress in the fight against insecurity, we made progress in revamping the economy and in governance. If not for the effort of this government especially in the areas of insecurity, no body will be hosting this meeting here”.

“As matter of fact, I remember that when we are bidding to host this conference, it started in 2016 in Abidjah, I had a close door meeting with the then SGF ( Babachir David Lawal) and I explained to him that federal government is on top of security situations in Nigeria. You know, four to five years ago, it will be impossible to host this event in Nigeria”. 

“If you remember, four to five years ago, no body in Abuja was sleeping with his eyes closed but we are now very confident, we can now sleep because tremendous effort had been made in decapitating the insurgency,” he explained.

The Minister also hinted that on the third day of the programme, the delegates would be taking on a trip to Lagos to see the Eco-Atlantic city which in few months or in years to come would become the destination for African tourists.

Lateefah Ibrahim