Nigeria to eliminate chemical fertilisers in agriculture


The Nigerian government says it will gradually phase out the use of chemical fertilisers in agriculture to ensure the production of healthy foods for the people.

Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, said this while inspecting the first organic banana plantation by an Indian company, Contec Global Agro Limited in Kwali.

Ogbeh, who expressed worry over the increasing numbers of liver and kidney diseases among young people, explained that the objective was the elimination of dangerous elements from foods.

He noted that the move would also help to reduce the damages in the soil through the application of fertilisers.

Ogbeh said the company is already conducting an experiment to develop microbes from the soil in the laboratory and putting them back into the soil without the use of chemicals.

The minister said that the the government would continue to support both local and foreign investments in the agriculture sector.

Contec agro develops organic farming products such as bio-seed, bio-fertiliser, and bio-planting to help Africa develop its agricultural industry and ensure food security for the populace.