Nigeria to initiate National Cooperative Housing Scheme

Golfa Francis, Abuja


The Nigerian Government has planned to initiate a National Cooperative Housing Scheme as a provision to bring the informal Sector into the nation’s Housing Programme.

Nigeria’s Minister of Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola made this known while unveiling Karmod Nigeria Limited’s Pre-Fabricated Assembly and Installation Building facility in Abuja.

He said the objective was to use cooperatives as a driving force in the country’s Housing programme, that their success in markets, in transportation and Agriculture, among other areas of the economy would be an incentive to achieve success in the sector.

Mr Fashola said the government would leverage on the successes and numerical strength of the cooperatives manifested in the many associations they have in every state.

He explained that they would be mobilised under the aegis of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria to obtain loans to develop their own houses according to their tastes and preferences.

The Minister said Cooperatives which would be eligible to participate in the scheme would be those who are properly registered, have their trustees and leaderships to act for them, have their own lands and who convey an approval of the type of house they want so that they won’t be stranded.

“We will tell them to get a planned approval for land in which ever state so that it won’t become a slum. We will work with that state’s government to ensure that access roads are built; we will give them development loans to give Real Estate developers so that you build for yourself and contribute the counterpart fund to finish. In this way we will achieve the scheme.

 “If you follow the trajectory of government plans, Housing and Consumer Credit, this is one of the major objectives of this government in its Next Level Agenda; Agro development, food production, processing, manufacturing and transport infrastructure – Roads, Rail, Airports and Seaports, Education and Healthcare. These are the major focal areas of this government”, the Minister said.

Housing Development
Fashola commended the Chairman of the Company, Mr. Hakeem Shagaya, for investing in Housing, saying so far as it seeks to boost housing development in the country.

 “In the past, government has made policies that support direct access for small , medium and large agencies to take their own power directly from generating companies under the policy of Eligible Customer”, adding that the decision by the company to adopt Off-Grid supply was also a major policy shift of the Buhari Administration in the last three years; “promoting direct and independent power development so that business clusters can come together, develop their own grid, share it subject to licensing by the regulator; and so also can market clusters,” he stated.

Also congratulating the Chairman of Karmod International, Mr. Mesut Cankaya from Turkey “for bringing the investment to Nigeria”, Fashola, told him that government, from local, State and Federal government, “Nigeria is ready to do business.

Aggressive Marketing
The Minister, however, tasked the Chairman and his team to engage in aggressive marketing to persuade the end users to change what has become an acquired taste saying it would be expedient because taste and preferences in the choice of houses differ from country to country, from community to community and even from culture to culture.

Earlier, in his welcome address, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Hakeem Shagaya, said the company was established five years ago in partnership with a Turkish company with the objective of helping to bridge the nation’s housing deficit which he put at about 17 million.

He added that in order to address the problem the company has adopted the simple philosophy of fast production, fast execution and fast assembly.


Confidence Okwuchi