Nigeria to train 13,000 in skills acquisition scheme

Jennifer Inah, Abuja


The Nigerian government has created a list of implementable programme for the year 2018, to enhance skills acquisition and create jobs for economic development.

The Director General, Industrial Training Fund, Mr Joseph Ari said the programme would train about 13000 Nigerians within a five-month period.

Mr Ari was speaking at the World Press Conference in Abuja.

“The breakdown of Nigerians to be trained is as follows; in all the programmes would include; 11,100 youths to be trained under the National Industrial Skills Development Programme,  360 women under Women Skills Empowerment Programme, 75 youths in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Training on Wheels),  50 youths in Designing and Garment Making (Training on Wheels),  120 to be trained under the Skills Training and empowerment for the Physically Challenged People, 150 persons to be trained under the Post-Harvest Techniques and Project Development Programme,  150 persons to be trained in Aqua-Culture/ Fish Farming,  150 persons are to be trained in Manure production, 150 persons to be trained in in crop production and 150 persons to be trained in Poultry Farming,” he explained.

Skills development Programme
Mr Ari noted that the National Industrial skills development Programme would be implemented in all States of the federation including the Federal capital Territory and the rest of the programmes would be shared amongst the states.

He said;“what it means is that whereas some of the states will benefit from one of the programmes, others could benefit from two or three of the programmes. The decision as to which states benefit from a particular programme was based on the likelihood of participants to make out sustainable livelihoods, because of the needs of the states for such skills.

He added that the Industrial Training Fund has brought in partners like National Business and Technical Examinations Board, National Trading and Developing Establishment and state organisations tasked on developing skills to form a coalition and register for the World skills competition.

“A side that the ITF under the government’s ease of doing business is also into collaboration with the Bank of Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria on what is known as The National Enterprise Development Programme, under the Programme the ITF supplies the skills for all those to be trained,” he added.

Mr Ari, however, called for cooperation and collaboration of all state government, the organised private sector, politicians and other stakeholders for a multiplier effect.


Mercy Chukwudiebere