Nigerian act addresses depression in new song

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos

Nigerian act, Neo-Phlames

Nigeria’s Promising act, Adeniyi Adewoyin, popularly known as Neo-Phlames says his new song focuses on depression in the society.

Neo-Phlames explained that his new song ‘Happiness’ is a way of preaching to the world that individuals have liberty to be happy at no cost.
The Oyo State born journalist, singer and song writer mentioned that  increase in the number of cases of depression, particularly among the youths, which could be attributed to either the situation of the country’s economy or personal issues, prompted the idea.
“So many things that we hardly hear of in the past are happening nowadays. If you read the news you will find out how people are committing suicide due to lack of money or because they failed exams.” 
But whatever you face in life, you just have to pray for grace to overcome it. I know it’s not easy but we should always remember that this time shall pass.
It doesn’t cost one Kobo to be happy. You can find happiness in any situation you are. It is a mindset”. he said
According to him” If you die, then you are gone forever.
A part of the lyrics reads; “I will never let no one control my happiness” that is, you are in charge of your own joy and the earlier you realize that, the better”. You have to live for your own sake and for the sake of those who love you. There is more to this life”. He added.
Adewoyin, further revealed that he was taking the project to the streets in December, where he would be having an open show to reach out to the grassroots on how to avoid depression and embrace life.
Rahila Lassa