Nigerian Artists canvass for stiffer penalty for pirates


The Society of Nigerian Artists says that the penalty meted out to culprits of piracy should be commensurate with the severity of offence committed.

Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter, Mr Idowu Sonaya, made the call saying there was need for government to review some clauses in the Nigerian Copyright Law concerning piracy.
“We want our artists to get adequate reward for the works they’ve done, whether they are alive or not.


“There have been many instances of pirates producing and selling the works of renowned artists as theirs.


“This is an infringement when it comes to copyright law. It has to be looked into and the necessary redress sought,” he said.

Mr Sonaya added that the Nigerian Copyright Commission should not be a toothless dog.

“Piracy in the visual arts sector is what we are trying to check as a professional body.

“Even if you must copy, you must identify works that do not belong to you; make sure you request permission from the owner,” Sonaya said.

Rahila L.