Nigerian authorities concerned about indictment of citizens in US

Rahila Lassa, Abuja


The Nigerian authorities has noted with concern the news of the court  indictment of 80 persons, mainly Nigerians, in various parts of the US, being accused in separate FBI cases of massive email fraud and money laundering.

The Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri said  they acknowledged the fact that accusation does not mean guilt and that she  hope that all the accused would be given fair and speedy trial.

“We ask those accused in Nigeria to voluntarily turn themselves in, to American authorities to clear their names, without which the Nigerian government should extradite them if relevant international treaties between the two governments are invoked,” she said.

The Diaspora Commission said while such actions ultimately have negative effect on the image of the country, it however reiterates as it has always done, that the actions of a few Nigerians involved in criminal activities is not and can never be what the majority of Nigerians represent.

“We advise and we continuously resist any stereotyping of Nigeria and Nigerians generally,” she emphasised.

She added that the Commission would continue to monitor the case closely.


Confidence Okwuchi