Nigerian Economic Summit to hold in October


The 24th Nigerian Economic Summit (NES)is scheduled to hold from the  22nd to 23rd October, 2018 in Abuja.  The theme of the Summit will be “Poverty to Prosperity: Making Governance and Institutions Work”.

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG),conveners of the summit , engages government, private sector, and civil society on key development issues and economic policies in Nigeria. The strategic roles of the Group include those of being a; Dialogue Partner: Shaping policy through public debate, Connector: Instituting change through influence, Watchdog: Shaping policy through research and advocacy, Intervener: Instituting change through influence that mobilizes action.

 Since its establishment, the NESG has been able to shape policies through its annual economic summits and other high level policy engagements. In recent times, conscious efforts have been made to place more emphasis on strategic interventions without de-emphasizing the other functions of the NESG, in a bid to further influence public policy in Nigeria.

The NESG shapes policy by conducting robust research and analysis on economic and critical reform issues. Over the years, the Group has made significant input into policy changes in Nigeria through independent research and advocacy.

Ime N