Nigerian government pledges to sustain critical media engagements

Solomon Chung, Lagos

Nigeria's Information and Culture Minister, Lai Mohammed.

The Nigerian government has pledged to continue to sustain critical engagement with the media to enhance mutual confidence for the good of the society.

The country’s Information and Culture Minister Mr Lai Mohammed disclosed this in Lagos South West Nigeria in an interview after a closed door meeting with the Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria.

According to the Minister, the meeting was very fruitful because ideas were shared; suggestions were also proffered about so many issues, ranging from collaboration between the media and government, perception management among others.

“I am glad that we have met and the Newspapers proprietors revealed that they do not constitute an opposition block to government but that they should be carried along more and be taken into confidence about government activities’’.

“They said they appreciate the challenges government is facing but that government should do more in the area of perception management”.

“I am leaving this meeting a happier man because they have expressed their commitment and patriotism to this country but at the same time they said they must do their jobs”.

“As long as their adequate dialogue and conversation between media and government most of the friction between the two will disappear.”

The Minister stated that he was going to report back to the highest level of government the outcome of his meeting with the newspaper proprietors and also discuss same with his other colleagues in the cabinet.

Mohammed said media and the government are partners in development and must continue to work together for the good of the nation.

The meeting with the News papers proprietors is one of the series of engagement between the federal government and the media.

It would be recalled that the relationship between government and the media has been put on the spotlight lately. Many commentators and observers are suggesting the need for a more cordial and collaborative relationship between the two.