Nigerian Lawmakers partner with political parties on democracy

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja

Nigeria's National Assembly

The Nigerian National Assembly is working closely with all political parties to deepen the nation’s democracy.

The Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki made the remark while receiving the National Chairmen of 45 political parties who paid him a visit in his office.

Taking rightful position
Dr. Saraki commended the  parties’ leaders for their stand in defence of democracy, saying it is only through the respect and upholding the rule of law that the country will take its rightful position in the comity of nations.

“It is our hope that those anti-democratic forces they’ve learnt lessons for the last few days to listen to the voices of Nigerians, men, women, boys and girls all across the country who have said firmly that we do not support un-constitutional anti-democratic actions,” Dr Saraki said.

Thorough investigation
The Senate President demanded for a thorough investigation into the National Assembly siege, explaining that the electoral act passed recently will ensure that the electoral process are transparent, credible and acceptable.

“We must ensure that Nigeria, our country, should be a shining star and example of a democratic nation…We should not allow anything that would tarnish the image of this great country that we all looking for and working hard to be where it is today.

”I hope that the government should put in place machinery to start the investigation of what really happened,” he said.

Chairman of the National Unity Party, Mr. Henry Opara who led the parties, condemned the Tuesday siege and urged the National Assembly to include citizen sensitisation into the supplementary budget, to reduce voter apathy in the coming elections.

“We wish to demand for inclusion in the 2019 budget/supplementary budget request sent by the Presidency for 2019 election for fund for all political parties for citizen sensitisation so that the usual voter apathy witnessed in previous elections will not be experience in 2019,” Mr. Opara added.

The Chairmen of the political parties were on a solidary to the National Assembly over the siege by personnel of the State Security Service on Tuesday.


Mercy Chukwudiebere