Nigerian pharmacist raises awareness on drug abuse

Gloria Essien, Abuja


A Pharmacist, Mrs Nevan Bello, has written a book titled “Free Bondage” to create awareness to parents, youths and the government on the dangers of drug abuse.

Drug abuse is a public health problem that affects a large population especially the youth in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, most youth are hooked to one substance or the other which according to the author said it left her with no option but to write the book after seeing the ravages of drug abuse to the youth population.

Mrs Bello also attributed the menace to the economic situation in the country.

“We are actually in a populous country and it’s a developing country. We unfortunately don’t get everything we want from normal life from the government so many people have to struggle for daily needs,you find people as young as possible hawking and looking for source of survival. So eventually they are drawn into substance abuse from different angles you know we have alot of causes it could be this poverty that leads us into this, it could even be the riches and affluence,” she said.

Pharmacist Bello also said that she choose the topic of the book because people who take drugs are in bondage but think they are free.

“Free bondage actually it sounds ironical, but I came about it because I know that in life we all are free to make choices that we do but we are not free from the consequences of those choices. Eventually if we make a bad choice like going into drug, we end up being put in vicious cycle of addiction and so it seems like you are free but you’re actually in bond”, she said.

The author also urged parents to keep an eye on their children to prevent more addictions.

The book “Free Bondage” is written for general public consumption.

Bilkisu Pai