Nigerian referees need better security – Official


Sani Zubairu, Head of Referee unit, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) on Friday called for improved security for referees, to guarantee unbiased officiating.

Zubairu said that only through an environment devoid of fear or intimidation could fair officiating could thrive.

He said that many referees had been placed under threat and brutalised by some unruly fans at different times.

“If a referee feels insecure, he or she may likely be influenced negatively in making decisions,” Zubairu said.

The federation official described the security of referees and match officials as key to restoring confidence.

According to him, fear is a demoralising factor capable of eliminating the quality of fairness in match officiating.

He called on government at all levels to ensure that referees operate in a peaceful and secured environment for optimal service delivery.

Fans’ unrest and intimidation of referees have been common recently in most parts of the world.