Nigerian Stock Exchange market capitalisation depreciates by 0.16%

Salamatu Ejembi, Lagos


The Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Capitalisation depreciated by 0.16 percent or 21 billion Naira from Monday’s N12,928 trillion Naira to N12,907 on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s trading saw seven stocks appreciating with 13 others depreciating as a sum of 174,414 million units of shares worth N2,318 billion were traded in 2,484.00 deals.

The top three gainers are; NIGERIAN AVIATION HANDLING COMPANY PLC which moved from a previous closing price of N2.33k to N2.45k, gaining 0.12k or 5.15 percent.

CEMENT CO. OF NORTH.NIG. PLC appreciated from N15.20k per share to N15.85k per share, gaining 0.65k or 4.28 percent. And UNITED CAPITAL PLC climbed from N2.03k per share to N2.10k per share, gaining 0.07k or 3.45 percent.

Conversely, GLAXO SMITHKLINE CONSUMER NIG. PLC.  declined from N7.10k per share to N6.40k per share, losing 0.70k or 9.86 percent, thereby becoming the top loser for Tuesday’s transactions.

Then COURTEVILLE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PLC which fell from 0.22k per share to 0.20k per share, lost 0.02k or 9.09 percent. While UNION DIAGNOSTIC & CLINICAL SERVICES PLC  fell from 0.24k per share to 0.22k per share, losing 0.02k or 8.33 percent.

Peace PIAK