Nigerian youths urged to embrace leadership

Adoba Echono, Abuja

The Convener of School of Government and Politics, Obii Pax-Harry

Nigerian youths must endeavor to be solution providers and agent of development in their communities as a perquisite to attaining leadership position.

The Convener of School of Government and Politics, Obii Pax-Harry stated this in Abuja during a book launch titled: Leadership Shift for Development, written by Ekpa Stanley Epka.  

The School of Government and Politics is a transformational leadership and public management oriented professional development programme.

Mrs. Pax-Harry said the kind of leadership Nigeria is expecting in the present day must have unique and sterling qualities in the act of governance, as the world expects so much from Nigeria.

According to Mrs. Pax-Harry “when you think that by 2050, every three persons in five persons in the world will be a black person from Africa, and then it becomes something that should concern us, talking about youth bulge, talking about the demographic, the kind of leaders that will come out of our youth population.”

She explained that Nigeria has the largest populations in Africa with so much expectation from the youths, which she said makes up seventy percent of the country’s two hundred million population.

Mrs. Pax-Harry said Nigerian youths must be serious in developing policies that will help  take care of issues affecting the country.

She urged Nigerian youths to be focused, as the country is looking for transformational leaders.

We are looking for transformation leaders; everything we know hinges on the shoulder of leadership, the quality of leadership we have determines the quality of society.

“The quality of leadership in any nation determines the trajectory of that nation.”

Mrs. Pax-Harry called on Nigeria and Africa to endeavor to formulate quality policies which must be implemented to advance the continent’s development.

She said Nigeria must pay special attention in the development of the country’s teeming youths to ensure they are transformation leaders that will manage the country’s future.

According to Mrs. Pax- Harry, Nigeria must begin to mentor and initiate policies to help the youths actualize their potential as future leaders.

“There ought to be a Ministry for Youth Development, it has to be taken that seriously because we have an issue of youth bulge.”

She also advocated for a situation where the school curriculum is tinted towards development of transformational leaders.

Mrs. Pax-Harry noted that at a time like this, the nation expects transformational leaders among the youth.

“We need to shift from transaction leadership, leaders who only think about themselves and what they would gain from governance to leaders of the future, transformation leaders.”

For the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba,  in a message advocated for policies targeted at developing the Nigerian youth.

Comrade Wabba who spoke on the topic, Galvanising the Youth for Nigeria’s Sustainable Development, with specific references to wages, conducive work environment and job opportunities for the youth,  noted that  youths  are critical not only to the unions, but to national development, and by extension, international development.

Comrade Wabba who was represented by Comrade Eustace James stressed the importance of harnessing the youth.

He posited that, “the youth constitute the fighting force, the teeming army and indeed the most productive segment of any nation’s population.

“It is thus not only an asset to have a youth-based population; it is of strategic advantage in terms of systems development, inventions, doctrines and innovations.”

Comrade Wabba also charged the youths to stand up to their responsibilities and “not wait, cap in hand for government as that could be a costly mistake.

“My final word is that, yes the conditions are tough, but rather than levy war on their father land, our youth should channel their boundless energy to productive ventures.”

The labour leader charged Nigerian youths to turn adversity into prosperity by venturing into politics and other spheres they can contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.