Nigerians cautioned against overheating the polity

Timothy Choji, Abuja


A national dialogue on peace has advocated the need to come up with an amicable solution to the problems affecting Nigeria, without unnecessarily heating the polity.

Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abubakar stated this while speaking to Journalists at the end of the one day event, which took place at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

According to the Bauchi State Governor, over heating the polity will not proffer solution to any of the problems bedevilling the nation, rather, it will worsen the situation.

He said sustaining the unity of the country was the way forward.

“The dialogue was aimed at addressing the current problems of the nation; the need for us to forge unity, to consider the challenges afflicting the nation carefully without unnecessarily overheating the nation,” he said.

Governor Mohammed Abubakar also told Journalists that a book on the contributions of President Muhammadu Buhari to nation building was presented to the public at the event.

“A compendium on the life of our President was launched. It dwelled on the service he has rendered to the nation from his Army days to date,” he said.

He said the introduction of the book has no correlation whatsoever, with the forth coming 2019 election.

“This compendium was conceived well before the advent of the consideration for 2019 election and it’s a factual compendium it’s not politics at all,” Abubakar affirmed.

The one hundred and sixty three page book is titled: Integrity and Service: President Buhari’s Public Service Records, Reflections and Legacies.

Commenting on other national matters, the Governor said the quest for State Police is in the right direction because it will help the country achieve true federalism.

“The nation is a federation and the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria provides for a federal system, where the federating units are all independent in their own sphere of influence. Our constitution was copied from the American constitution and if you go to America you will discover that there is County, State and Federal Police. Therefore, if we are going to engender true federalism, that will be probably the beginning,” he said.