Nigerians top U-16 Afrobasket stats table


Nigeria players are leading the pack on the statistics charts at the ongoing FIBA U-16 Africa Basketball Championship in Cape Verde with the boys leading in the rebounds, three points, assists and efficiency charts.

The players selected through the recently-concluded Nestlé Milo championship have since become a formidable force at the competition, with their team work also translating to individual excellence on the statistics board.

Nigeria point guards Bormini Dennis and Ebuka Okpara lead the pack on the assists board with the team captain Dennis coming first with 18 assists and also averaging a 4.5 assist rate per game, while Okpara comes second on the log with 16 assists, averaging a 4.0 accuracy per game.

Rwanda’s Pacifique Mutubazi is third on the log with a total of 13 assist, averaging a 3.3 per cent assist rate.

On the rebounds statistics log, Nigeria center Reuben Chinyelu takes the top spot with 75 rebounds to beat another Nigerian Joy Okemirie and Ivory Coast’s Loess Lath.

Averaging 31.2 minutes per game, Chinyelu has made a total of 37 offensive rebounds and 38 defensive rebounds per game.




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