Nigeria’s peaceful coexistence crucial for Africa’s growth

Adoba Echono, Abuja


Nigeria’s peaceful coexistence is crucial to Africa as one of the leading economies and the most populous nation on the continent.

The Coordinator General Salute Nigeria Initiative, Ambassador Chielo Ojirika, stated this in a news conference in Abuja on the Operation Finger off the Trigger National Disarmament and Peace Campaign.

He explained that Nigeria remains the biggest market in Africa but this was being hindered by insecurity thereby slowing down the economic growth of the country.

Ambassador Ojirika also said that Finger off the Trigger, with the theme: Violence is Stoppable, Peace is Possible, is aimed at sensitizing Nigerians on the disadvantages of violence and hate speech in any society.

“The present ethnic-religious violence and insecurity in our country has prompted more than ever the need for proactive programmes aimed at sensitizing Nigerians on peaceful co-existence and tolerance, thus, we need virtuous programs that sustainable unity in Nigeria as a whole.

Salute Nigeria Initiative in partnership with Spotlite Images Limited, Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Union of Journalists, Voice of Nigeria, Market Men and Women Association, National Orientation Agency have come together to execute a National campaign tagged: Finger Off The Trigger, “Violence is Stoppable, Peace is Possible,” he said.

Ambassador Ojirika explained that the campaign was aimed at sensitising the populace on the disadvantages of violence and hate speech.

He said that the campaign was targeted at local communities, schools, churches, mosque, market places, and motor parks, among others.

“It is therefore important to propagate social cultural cooperation among Nigerians.” He noted.

Ambassador Ojirika added that the yearning of many Nigerians is for the entrenchment of peace, unity and stability in the country, which is the aim of Finger off the Trigger.

Confidence Okwuchi