NIMET urges Lagos government to mitigate effects of climate change

Omolayo Alabi


The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET) has urged the Lagos state government to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change in the state.

Prof. Clement Akhosile, President of NiMET made the call in an interview with Journalists in Lagos, following excessive flooding of some parts of Lagos, especially in Lekki and Ajah areas.

“Water does not have national boundaries and will always find its level no matter what is on its path.

”Lagos is on the plain. There are the Lagoons, the ocean and other waters surrounding the city.

”To stop excessive flooding during the rains requires absolute obedience to town planning regulations which the people and government are violating continuously.

”The Climate Change is really affecting the amount of water in many areas and Lagos is no exemption.

”The continuous violation of town planning regulations by government and individuals can be dangerous when increase in water level destroy the highways, houses, commercial buildings and even overtake the airports,” he explained.

Akoshile said that legal and illegal land reclamation, the ocean surge and individuals’ bad habit of blocking the drainage channels all contribute to flooding adding that when structures were built to displace original vegetation and grassland, the town planning of that area would automatically change.

He added that the right thing would then be to build functional drainage channels for the water to pass through while noting that state government’s preparation ahead of the rainy season had always been advised, saying “this is known to be the effective way to tackle flooding.”