NLC urges companies to conform with labour laws


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has urged various companies that were yet to comply with the Nigeria labour law to act promptly to avoid picketing and other forms of embarrassment.

Mr Peter Ozo-Eson , the General Secretary of the Union, said this on Thursday in an interview in Abuja.

He said most of the companies that were liable included those that engaged in anti-casualisation and anti-unionisation of workers.

According to him, we picket companies that violates out law from time to time in whichever sector.

It is an ongoing campaign, so don’t be surprised sometime in the future when you see us mobilise to picket some companies.”

He recalled that after the last nationwide picketing of MTN, some companies that had not been picketed said they were ready to comply with the law, adding that it was the way the NLC expected things to play out.

We have received messages from some companies who are ready to allow their workers unionise and also want to stop casualisation of workers.

“We are appealing to others to quietly come forward in conformity with the Nigeria labour law so as to avoid been picketed,” he said.

According to him, the AEPB and MTN that were picketed in the past have taken steps to correct a number of issues that we raised with them.

Many companies are now ready to correct those anomalies and that include the casualisation of workers and to allow for unionism.

He said that the NLC and the company affected had reached an agreement, adding that the management of AEPB was being closely monitored to ensure the implementation of that agreement.”

According to him, after the nationwide picketing of MTN for three days, they again approached us with the Ministry of Labour and signed an undertaking in which MTN committed itself to allowed workers to freely unionise.