NLC warns of imminent global technological take over

Helen Shok Jok, Enugu


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) says that Nigerians are yet to fully grasp the opportunities offered by 4G wireless technology, while the rest of the world are already moving towards realizing the 6G technology.

Even though the Congress admitted that the 6G technology is what it called “a potent death sentence for millions of jobs globally”, it warned that it has advantages and potentials to take the world to the next level in terms of development.

President of NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, stated this in Enugu at the ongoing 2019 NLC National Leadership Retreat.

He regretted that while the 5G technology is being unfurled around the world, and 6G terahertz-based technology is knocking on the door, Nigeria is still beset by the debris of the industrial era.

Wabba pointed out that the 6G technology would drastically alter the way humans process, produce and industrially relate, warning, however, that it is a potent death sentence for millions of jobs across the world.

He then called on Nigerian workers and their leadership to be very ready; engage and prepare as the future of works lies in these technological innovations.

“Currently, Nigerian workers and their trade unions face daunting challenges which have been exacerbated by the rapidly evolving dynamism in the world of work.

“While we are confronted by the reality of expanding globalisation as manifest in the burgeoning information revolution, demographic shifts, climate change and technological innovation, we are still beset by the debris of the industrial era.

“Advancements in internet connectivity, software applications and their carrier cum operating devices are getting more sophisticated. While we are yet to fully grasp opportunities offered by 4G wireless technologies, the rest of the world has made a quantum leap to 5G cellular technology. 

“As we speak right now, the 5G cellular wireless which apart from carrying live voice, text, image communication and 3D technology can also enable what is popularly known as the Internet of Things (IoT)”, Wabba said.

Future of work
According to the NLC President, Researchers said that the world may not need to wait for another 10 years to realise the 6G technology.

“Comrades, this is the future of work. Are we ready for this? Now is the time to engage tomorrow”, he said.

Wabba stated that while they seek answers to the questions that the future of work brings, “we should be anxious to dispose all or most of the concerns that exist in the contemporary world of work.

“In this era, our workers still face the indignity of indecent work. In this age and time, Nigerian workers are forced to beg for their salaries which are now owed in arrears. 

“While other countries have fully accommodated and automated the process of minimum wage adjustments and are now focused on living wages, we are faced with a situation where we are forced to bargain too hard and wait for too long for meagre increases in minimum wage and adjustments in salary”. 

Wabba also said that the Nigerian Labour Movement is confronted daily with increasing recalcitrance by employers to allow unionisation in work places.

He stated that this exposes millions of workers to indecent conditions of casual work status, slave wages, long hours of work without due compensation and denial of social security cover.


Sammie Idika