NMA commends JOHESU for suspending strike

Gloria Essien, Abuja


The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), notes with pleasure the suspension of the strike action by the Allied health professionals under the auspices of JOHESU after 6 weeks.

The suspension of the strike is a welcome development especially after taking into consideration the deleterious effects of the lingering strike action on innocent Nigerians who were deprived of the full benefits of medical management in our public hospitals.

The NMA wishes to reiterate that the health sector operates as a team with the Doctors as the leaders to utmost benefit of the patients.

NMA is therefore unapologetically committed to a good and harmonious relationship among the team members.

The NMA also welcome the Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] as a means of resolving the crisis but insist that no holistic, meaningful and long-lasting resolution can be made without the input of all the team members, especially the NMA.

It is in this vein that we call on the government and the National Industrial Court of Nigeria [NICN] to involve the NMA in the ongoing NICN midwifed ADR.

The NMA wishes to congratulate the Federal Government of Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment and all well-meaning Nigerians, for bringing the health sector back to full activity.

The NMA will continue to engage the leadership of JOHESU/AHPA to birth a common front for healthcare delivery services in Nigeria.

Bilkisu Pai