NMA task states government on the fight against quackery

Gloria Essien

NMA President, Dr Faduyile
The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has urged all states government to develop a legal frame-work backed with appropriate laws to fight quackery in Nigeria.
This was stated by the President of the Association, Dr. Francis Faduyile in Abuja, Nigeria at a press briefing on the outcome of the National Executive Council meeting of the NMA.
Dr. Faduyile reiterated the commitment of the association to ensure that the use of Doctor’s stamp as measure to an anti-quackery is sustainable and effective.
“The doctor stamps which we have been able to use to control quackery need the public and other government officials to insist on them. We have all sort of people writing all sort of certificate or doing all sort of reports, we have decided on our side to help the government in the shorter run by making sure that all reports and certificate have stamps from doctors and you can authenticate whoever the doctor is. Those who are into screening and recruitment to insist that all the reports must have doctors stamp,” he said.
On medical negligence leading to unnecessary deaths, he said, “I must say that NMA is on the forefront to see that doctors treat patients cautiously and in the highest professional way. The standard has always been maintained using the council and the medical and dental council has been doing a lot of justice to that through our investigation panel We believe that we need to have the best treatment to our patient so NMA is very concerned about that”.
The President also urged Nigerian Doctor to show more active participation in the legislative processs at all levels especially in the formation and legislation of policies that will promote quality health care delivery in Nigeria.
The Association also called for the prioritization of health care financing by increasing budgetary allocations and find alternative platforms to finance healthcare and show greater commitment to proper utilization of the available fund.
The NMA also appealed for the Presidential assent to the Nigeria Health Insurance Scheme Amendment Bill in order to fast track Universal Health Coverage through increased participant in health insurance programme.