Nollywood filmmaker shoots breast and cervical cancer documentary

Nollywood filmmaker and actress, Judith Audu

Nollywood filmmaker and actress, Judith Audu, has concluded the shooting of a documentary on breast and cervical cancer awareness.

Titled ‘Tame the silent Killer’, the actress says that the documentary, which is put together by an all-female crew, conceptualized after she lost a friend to breast cancer and the realisation that cervical cancer was preventable.

“It was a very painful loss for me and for the loved ones she left behind,”

“It was even more painful when I came to realise that it is one more death that could have been avoided, if she had acted on it immediately she was diagnosed” she said.

Number 1 killer of women

“I got to also discover breast and cervical cancer are the number 1 killer of women at the moment in Nigeria.

“It is a problem hitting women, and because of how personal the parts we are talking about is, I decided to put together an all-female crew to do this documentary, so women would feel free to talk about it.”

The female crew

According to Judith, Dr Femi Olaleye, Medical Director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, Surulere, Lagos, who is at the forefront of breast and Cervical cancer awareness, played a key role during the course of the documentary.

“Gynaecologist Dr Ngozi Obi, Oncologist Dr Kehinde Ololade, Radiologist Dr Biodun Kuti, Pathologist Dr Sam Keshinro as well as Breast Cancer Survivors such as Mrs Hilda Egboh and Mrs Evelyn Okoloh were all interviewed for the documentary,” she said.

Educating young girls

As a way of ensuring that the message is taken to as far as possible, the documentary will be taken to secondary schools to educate young girls to cultivate the habit of doing constant check, get to know their bodies better and also for them to be aware that cervical cancer can be prevented. The 30-minute documentary will be premiered in October during the Breast cancer awareness campaign, after which it will be available to the viewing public on as many platforms as possible.


Olajumoke Adeleke