NSE: Benchmark Index drops by 0.22%

Salamatu Ejembi, Lagos


Benchmark index of the equities market further depreciated on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange at 0.22 percentage points lower than Friday’s close of 26,448.62 basis points.

The Market Capitalisation likewise fell 0.22 percentage points or 29 billion Naira from Friday’s 12,875 trillion Naira to close on Monday at 12,846 trillion Naira.

On Monday, investors traded 245,853 million units of shares worth N1,362 billion Naira in 2,514.00 deals, where only 9 stocks appreciated in price with 15 stocks depreciating in price, while others have their prices unchanged.

On the gainers’ chart, MAY & BAKER NIGERIA PLC had its price appreciate from N2.00 per share to N2.19 per share, gaining 0.19k or 9.50 percent.

Share price of CORNERSTONE INSURANCE PLC also moved from 0.32k per share to 0.35k per share, gaining 0.03k or 9.38 percent.

On the third top gainer position is TRANS-NATIONWIDE EXPRESS PLC. rising from 0.77k per share to 0.84k per share, gaining 0.07k or 9.09 percent.

On the reverse, NEM INSURANCE PLC fell from N2.30k per share to N2.08k per share, losing 0.22k or 9.57 percent.

While WAPIC INSURANCE PLC fell from 0.35k per share to 0.32k per share, losing 0.03k or 8.57 percent. Then NEIMETH INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICALS PLC fell from 0.40k per share by 0.03k or 7.50 percent to close at 0.37k per share.

Peace PIAK