NTA celebrates 50th Anniversary of Village Headmaster TV Series

By Samuel Okocha, Lagos

Members of the cast lined up before the audience after a special stage performance to commemorate 50 Years Anniversary of the Village Headmaster TV drama series on October 28, 2019 at Terra Culture in Lagos.

The management of the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Village Headmaster TV series, Nigeria’s first and longest-running television drama series.

The television drama series was produced after Nigeria gained independence and dominated the nation’s air waves in the 60s, 70s and 80s. It brought together cast from different ethnic groups who spoke majorly in Pidgin and standard English.

“Almost every Nigerian who is about the same age or in his 40s remembers village headmaster. So the mere fact that, 50 years after, people still talk about the Village Headmaster is in itself an achievement. And it’s a cause for celebration,” the Director General of NTA, Muhammed Yakubu, told newsmen on the red carpet at Terra Culture Arena in Victoria Island, Lagos.

A command performance of the Village Headmaster took place on Monday night at  to commemorate the 50 years’ anniversary of the Village Headmaster TV series. The performance featured surviving casts of the popular TV drama series in a special stage performance on stage titled: ‘No Vacuum.’

“The Village Headmaster portrays national reconciliation, harmony and unity while addressing topical issues, one of the surviving cast who performed on the night,” Chris Iheowa told Voice of Nigeria.

“We have some new crop of actors who have joined us and with the supervision of the technical crew we believe that we have done enough to push to the audience and world and authorities that Village Headmaster is a good programme and avenue to relay critical national issues,” Iheowa said.

The Director General of NTA, Muhammed Yakubu says the NTA wants the Village Headmaster TV series to return to television.

“What we are trying to do in NTA is to use this opportunity to explore possibilities of recreating the Village Headmaster. We are going to work with the Village Headmaster family and see how we can work together and recreate the Village Headmaster,” he said.



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