Okagbue says Super Eagles have kept hope alive


Harrison Okagbue, a former Ugandan National Coach, on Friday lauded the performance Super Eagles saying they kept hope alive by defeating Iceland in the ongoing 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Eagles lost their opening match against Croatia 2-0 and won Iceland 2-0 to gain three points clear in Group D.

Okagbue, said in Lagos that the Eagles played a better game with their opponents and kept hope alive with keen interest of not allowing any goal.

“The team proved their worth today and played a better game unlike in their opening match where they did not show that they were capable of winning any match.

There is nothing wrong with their game today; the most important thing is that they kept hope alive.

The first half came very slow and carefully so as not to conceive any goal with no shot on target and it was worrisome.

But at the second half, they woke up and played a better game, coming all out to score goals.

The former coach said that if the team wants to excel more in the competition they should not relent in playing as a team.

Playing together is the only way a team can win a game; there is a huge difference between the first game we played and the second.

Also they should learn to keep the ball within them and not to lose the ball often by so doing, it will give them a sense of direction to aim for goals,’’ he said.








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