‘Only 100,000 displaced people remain in Ethiopian camps’


Ethiopia’s President Sahle-Work Zwede told lawmakers at the opening session of parliament on monday, that the government had in one year managed to return home most of the two million internally-displaced people.

Ethnic conflict in the country, which intensified after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came into office in April 2018, had forced many people out of their homes.

President Sahle-Work told the annual joint session of the House of People’s Representatives and the House of the Federation, that only 100,000 people remained in camps.

She also said that in the past one year the government had also facilitated the return of more than 90,000 Ethiopian nationals who were “stranded” abroad and “living in difficulty” in several countries around the world. Some of them were in prison.

She said that past “mistakes” will be corrected to make the May 2020 general election free, fair and democratic.

Legitimate measures would be taken against illegal activities that may undermine the election, she added.



Dominica Nwabufo